Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy National Dog Day

Did you know there was a National Dog Day? I didn't. But I was perusing my regular book blogs this morning and  Mary Lee over at A Year of Reading did a post about it. So yes, August 26th is National Dog Day.

If you know me for longer than five minutes, you will realize very quickly that I am a huge dog lover. I will stop on the street just to fawn over someone's dog. While I have a penchant for pugs in particular, I love all dogs with equal gusto. It doesn't matter what kind they are.

Yesterday I read an article about the fallen Navy SEAL whose dog lay by his casket and wouldn't leave and I literally went into a full on Ugly Cry as Oprah would say. The love and loyalty of dogs never ceases to amaze me and this one in particular broke my heart.

So here's to my two dogs, Frank and Guenter. They might never save me from a burning building, or ward off burglars, but they never cease to make me laugh and they love me unconditionally (but I think they love me more when I'm feeding them).
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  1. I love your post and your pups are precious! Our maltipoo Rudy, and Heinz-57 Chance, bring so much joy to the family! I can't imagine my life without a special dog or two in it.