Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Michael Symon goodness coming to metro Detroit

So I was perusing my Facebook feed last night when I came across this article from The Detroit Free Press:

Michael Symon's B Spot Burgers coming to Rochester Hills in December

It has been well documented on this blog that I adore Michael Symon. I adore his food, his laugh, his adorably round head. But I especially adore his Midwestern loyalty, as evidenced by this quote from the article:

"We could have opened in California. We could have opened in New York... But we believe in the Midwest, and we believe in Detroit."

I liked Michael Symon from the moment I saw him on The Next Iron Chef. But when Symon brought one of his restaurants to Detroit, that's when I truly fell in love with him. And now he's looking to expand his empire even further in Detroit. Now I want to marry him.

That's going to be hard to tell my husband. Especially because I want to marry John Green too. Oh, and also both of those men are married.

My at-home version of the heavenly Roast Burger
But seriously. I am also excited at the prospect of B Spot Burgers coming to Detroit because the burger at Roast is truly a religious experience. So the fact that we have a Michael Symon restaurant of nothing but burgers on the menus is going to be more than a religious experience... it's going to be.. Heaven! 

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  1. You might be a tad obsessed, but it seems to be justified! It sounds like the restaurant will have a ready-made fan base. I'm not a big meat fan, but a great burger every now and then is an absolute must. (It has to be a cheeseburger, though.)

  2. Great to see Detroit getting some positive attention!

  3. Think it's time I get to know Michael Symon!!

  4. A fine restaurant with just burgers! Wow! Have a good weekend

  5. Good for Michael Symon coming to Detroit! My SIL is a big fan of his and we got to meet him after a taping of The Chew. He's a nice guy.

  6. I giggled over your Michael Symon enthusiasm ... love it and wish I could say we had something like it in Australia. Grill'd??

  7. Yay for Michael Symon for sticking to the Midwest! I always have the feeling that I'd like him if I ever met him in person.

  8. Hurray for Michael Symon. I also love him, his food, and his loyalty to his roots in the midwest (I'm an NYC girl who knows that not everything begins and ends in NYC, but it has its good stuff too). Since I work at home, I love watching him on The Chew and have used many of his recipes, which are always geared for the average at home cook.

  9. I have never been to one of Michael Symon's restaurants, but I definitely hope to do so. Glad you'll have the opportunity soon!