Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Monday! What are You Reading? 9-3-12

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Happy Labor Day! School starts across the state of Michigan tomorrow though many private schools have already started. I just happen to be lucky enough to teach at a private school that follows the public school tradition of starting school the day after Labor Day.

This has been a crazy week to say the least. Normally I would have had my classroom done and ready for students by midweek but we had some major last-minute staffing and scheduling changes to deal with. It has been an emotional few days to say the least. And as someone whose digestive system bears the brunt of her stress, let's just say this has not been a good week for me health-wise either.

But tomorrow is a new day and I will have a brand new class of 6th graders ready and rarin' to learn. I hope this will be a fun and productive year and that I can learn to roll with unexpected situations a little better than I have in the past, namely this week.

Needless to say, given the crazy week I've had, reading has been kind of on the backburner so I didn't finish any books last week. So here's what I'm currently reading/listening to:


Ten Things Every Writer Needs to Know by Jeff Anderson
Until I Die by Amy Plum

Beautiful Days by Anna Godbersen
Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson

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  1. I hope all goes better for you and that you a feeling healthy this week!

    I really need to read 10 Things Every Writer Should Know! I love Jeff Anderson! I think we might be getting the book from the district (at least, I have asked for it) or I might just have to get it myself.

  2. I hope you feel better soon and that your 6th graders are all ready to learn! :) I love the cover for 'Beautiful Days', it's so elegant! Thanks for sharing :)
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. I hope you enjoy the Lawson. I've heard both good and bad so I'll look forward to what you think of it!

    Have a great week of reading :)
    The Relentless Reader

  4. I hope this weekend was better for you, Beth both physically and professionally. It's got to be hard to change directions like that when you're already going full speed. Hang in there! :)

    I too will be curious about your thoughts on the Lawson book.


  5. Great book to start on Monday & carry on through the week... I Don't Believe It, Archie! by Andrew Norriss a very funny chapter book for Grade 3+ which got a STARRED review from Book List in March &

  6. Hi there Beth, Let's pretend this never happened caught my eye - the book cover looks great. I totally understand about the back-to-school blues, hope it becomes easier in the coming weeks.

  7. Good luck with the new school year!