Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's up with the whole "in wanderlust" thing?

When I first started this blog almost two years ago, I had visions in my head of discussing all three of the topics listed in my subtitle (food, books, travel) with somewhat regularity. But then books kind of took over. While I'm not upset about this - I enjoy writing about books - but I kind of feel bad for my other two topics: food and travel. Especially travel. I do write about food every once in a while, but travel has been kind of left in the dust. The economic climate of the past few years has not made traveling as easy for my husband and me as it was back in the glory days of our monthly, sometimes weekly, jaunts across Europe when we lived in Germany.

But lo and behold, one month from today, we will be returning to Germany for some reminiscing. My husband's company is sending him to Germany for a whole month, and while I'd love to stay with him the entire time, I'm just going for a week so we can vacation together on our favorite continent. We will be visiting some of our old favorite places (Salzburg, Austria and our old hometown of Schweinfurt, Germany) as well as creating some new adventures in Hallstatt, Austria and Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. In addition, I'm also excited because on the last night of our trip, we'll be getting together with one of my favorite book bloggers and soon-to-be published author, Lenore Appelhans, and her very talented husband who illustrated Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten and the recently released Teach Your Buffalo to Play Drums, Daniel Jennewien.

So my long dormant travel posts will be up and running in August, if only for a short time.

I guess the "wanderlust" moniker still applies though even if I'm not writing about travel that much. Wanderlust refers to a desire to wander and travel about, and even though we're firmly rooted where we are right now, I still continue to reminisce and dream of all the places we will visit and return to someday.

Incidentally, the picture at the beginning of this post is from our 2004 trip to Santorini, Greece. It still remains, to this day, my favorite place in the entire world. My husband and I will be celebrating our ten-year anniversary in 2013 and we are deciding whether to travel to a "bucket list" destination (Russia being at the top of our list) or returning to Santorini. What do you think? Which should we choose?


  1. I can't wait to hear all about your travels this summer. I am constantly in wanderlust myself, but with two little ones, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon! So I'll just live vicariously.

    And on the anniversary plans, I think Santorini is awfully tempting. I've never been, but it just looks incredible.