Saturday, June 11, 2011

School's out, but it's hard moving on

Yesterday was bittersweet for me as it was the last day of school. Teachers everywhere always celebrate the last day of school,but this year I was kind of dreading it. I had such an amazing class this year that I didn't want to give them up. I wish they could stay in 6th grade forever. But alas, they must move on.

So I will always treasure my year with this class and yesterday was the perfect ending to a perfect year. We had an hour to hang around before going to church so I took the entire class to the music room and I sang and played the piano for them. They listened and they sang along with me and I realized that there are very few classes I would allow myself to be this vulnerable. I didn't just teach them, they taught me how to be a better teacher and how to loosen up a little bit while still maintaining order. I will always look back fondly on this school year. Teaching can be such an exhausting, thankless job, but this year was a small reward for all those thankless, exhausting moments from my previous four years. As I sat at the piano yesterday and had this wonderful group of 6th graders singing in unison with me, I could only hope that, come September, my next 6th grade class will work hard to fill the shoes of the one I just lost.


  1. Aww, that is so sweet. I'm sure the kids will miss you too.

  2. What a wonderful reflection on your class and your year. I hope you have a fantastic summer, and a great class next year, too.