Friday, August 20, 2010

Poetry Friday

I haven't done a poetry Friday in a while, but I came across this poem while I was reading the poetry anthology by Naomi Shihab Nye What Have You Lost?

I loved the theme of this anthology, as poetry is a great vehicle for expressing grief. I do, however, think that most of the poems in this collection are way above the heads of juveniles. Oftentimes deeper layers of poems in children's anthologies can get missed by young readers, but the overall theme of the poem is easily understood, or the rhythm and cadence of the poem is pleasing to the ear so even though they might not understand the entire poem, it still holds their interest.

This anthology comes in at a whopping 204 pages and while many of the poems are beautiful, I think they're better suited to an adult audience.

This was one of the more easily understood (though still difficult) poems:

Years of Solitude

To the one who sets a second place at the table anyway.

To the one at the back of the empty bus.

To the ones who name each piece of stained glass projected on a white wall.

To anyone convinced that a monologue is a conversation with the past.

To the one who loses with the deck he marked.

To those who are destined to inherit the meek.

To us.

- Dionisio D. Marinez

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