Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is Something Important Happening Today...

... I can't remember.

So today's the day the whole book-reading world gets to stay up late and finish the last installment of The Hunger Games trilogy.

I could have sworn I pre-ordered a copy from Amazon, but I can't find a record of purchase anywhere in my order history. Methinks a trip to Borders is in order today.

If you've been following along with the 13 district blog tour, then yesterday you discovered that Lenore over at Presenting Lenore had the coolest prize of all the districts so far, giving away an 8 GB iTouch with Mockingjay logo etched on the back. To celebrate this awesome prize, she came up with playlists for all the important characters in the series and invites you to play along.

I said that I thought a perfect song for Katniss would be Regina Spektor's "Apres Moi"

I must go on standing
You can't break that
which isn't yours
I must go on standing
I'm not my own
It's not my choice

Be afraid of the lame
They'll inherit your legs
Be afraid of the old
They'll inherit your souls
Be afraid of the cold
They'll inherit your blood
Apres Moi le deluge
After me comes the flood

But then of course, you can't have a great rebellion story without Muse in your corner. I think the theme song for Mockingjay should be "Uprising"

Paranoia is in bloom,
the PR transmissions will resume
they'll try to push the drugs
to keep us all dumbed down
and hope that
we will never see the truth around

Another promise, another scene
another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
green belts wrapped around our minds
and endless red tape to keep the truth confined

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious

Interchanging mind control
come let the revolution take its toll
if you could flick a switch and open your third eye
you'd see that
we should never be afraid to die

Rise up and take the power back
it's time the fat cats had a heart attack
you know that
their time is coming to an end
we have to unify and watch our flag ascend

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious

What are some other good songs that fit the characters or theme of the book? (I love that Lenore picked a Tori Amos song for every character. She won lots of coolness points for that one!)


  1. Happy release day! I preordered a copy but I'm actually wishing that I hadn't now, because apparently it takes 7 days for Borders to ship something from California to Seattle. :-( I'm actually considering going to my bookstore and spending a couple hours there on the floor reading one of their copies.

  2. I just finished it, and I loved it! Can't wait to read your thoughts on it! :D