Monday, April 13, 2015

It's Monday! What are you reading? 4-13-15

Originally hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, Jen over at Teach Mentor Texts along with Kellee and Ricki at Unleashing Readers also host a kidlit version of It's Monday! What are You Reading?

My Monday posts are generally just a highlight of what I've been reading during the week so if you'd like to see all that I've been reading, follow my Goodreads page.

Last week I reviewed:

The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart
Tricky Vic: The Impossibly True Story of the Man Who Sold The Eiffel Tower by Greg Pizzoli

I finished reading:

Wild Things! Acts of Mischief in Children's Literature by Betsy Bird, Julie Danielson, and Peter Sieruta
This had just the right amount of history, academia, and snark. I loved this so much that I'm pulling for an eventual Volume 2 of Wild Things

Favorite picture books from last week:

The Bus Ride by Marianne Dubuc 
Pay attention to all the little details in the illustrations, which tell significantly more of the story than the text. The last page you will come to an epiphany about the story and immediately go back and read it again to pick up on all the details you missed the first time around.

Peace is an Offering by  Annette LeBox, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin
A beautiful poem that truly evokes feelings of peace and serenity. It's s book that just makes you feel good about the world.

The Sky Painter by Margarita Engle, illustrated by Aliona Bereghici  
A gorgeous story told in verse about Louis Fuertes, considered the greatest bird artist who ever lived. I'm not usually a fan of ornithology or bird watching, but Engle and Bereghici have created a melding of words and images to make readers like me sit up and take notice. Fuertes seemed like a kind, gentle soul who cared deeply about, not just birds, but conservation in general. I'm looking forward to being part of the blog tour for this book in a few weeks.

Currently reading:

Enchanted Air by Margarita Engle
I am not very far into this but oh my goodness is this a beautiful memoir in verse, one that would pair beautifully with Brown Girl Dreaming. Look for Enchanted Air on bookshelves in August from Atheneum. 

Still reading with my ears:

The Schwa was Here by Neal Shusterman  

Neal Shusterman didn't just write The Schwa was Here, he also narrates the audiobook, and he does an amazing job. I adore his perfectly on-point New York accent, which I know he grew up in Brooklyn so it's not much of a stretch for him, but still. It's pretty awesome. 


  1. Thanks for the heads up about The Bus Ride. I tend to be very bad about observing illustrations closely, so I will make sure to focus on this one!

  2. You have so many exciting books here. I think I will have to find a copy of The Honest Truth and The Schwa was Here. I love recommendations for good audio books!

  3. The Bus Ride would be great as a way for readers to be more observant. I admit that sometimes I rush through picture books and just briefly glance at the illustrations.

  4. Oh, Enchanted Air sounds like a must read. I've been hearing a lot about The Honest Truth - so into my summer list it goes. I love The Schwa was Here, but find that it's sort of hit or miss with my students.

  5. Enchanted Air sounds wonderful, Beth, & I will find Peace Is An Offering, too. I agree about The Bus Ride, I looked & looked!

  6. I just started Wild Things today, and so far I am loving it. I suspect I will annoy my family with it because I want to share it all. Like Tara, I loved The Schwa was here, but not many students gave it a chance.

  7. I've seen some people say some very positive things about The Bus Ride. I did not love it, but I read it on the computer, so maybe I missed something. I'll have to check it out from the library!

  8. I can't wait for Enchanted Air. I think Peace is an Offering is one I need to get. Positive and uplifting is something I could really appreciate.

  9. The Bus Ride certainly has much going on! I would like to be able to share that book with my students and see what they notice.

  10. I want to read all these PBs! Excited about Enchanted Air. I keep waiting for my library to get Tricky Vic, but they haven't yet, which probably means I will cave soon and buy it for myself!

  11. I just read and left a comment onyour review of The Honest Truth - really looking forward to reading the copy I borrowed from the library. I've looked for Wild Things while in the US, but wasn't able to find any copy, sadly. I am looking forward to reading Enchanted Air too! :)

  12. Tricky Vic is totally on my list! My library just got a copy.