Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A benign text message reminds me that we're nearing the end

As I'm sitting at home today enjoying some much-needed time off in the form of my school's spring break, I received a text message from my sixth grade teaching partner:

I am at school right now and I found my extra plastic sleeves!!!!! It is a joyous day!!

For teachers it really is the little things that matter. For Carrie it's being able to organize her teaching materials in binders with plastic sleeves.

That text message immediately made me smile, but it was soon accompanied by a lump in my throat as I realized I won't be getting texts like this from her for much longer. Once spring break is over, the school year will be in its home stretch, and it will be soon time for me to pack up my classroom, a place that has been my second home for the past seven years. And while having the chance to say a proper goodbye is good for closure, it's also bad because you know it's coming and you have time to think about all the things that you'll miss about that place.

Carrie has been such a wonderful person to work with for the past seven years. She has stayed sane when I have flipped out. She has helped me laugh when some situations would have probably called for crying. Oh, and most important of all, she has, on quite a few occasions, helped save me from my kryptonite, which is puking children (well, puking adults too, but there's far fewer of them to contend with in a school). I won't tell you what her kryptonite is, lest you use it against her. ;)
Carrie and me in my classroom before the start of the school year in 2010, our 1st year as 6th grade partners

In the end though, I'm glad I have this time to reflect on what an impact my school and the people in it have had on my career and my life in general. I have a feeling now that we're nearing the end, I'm going to start tearing up over the littlest things.

It's time for the memory-making and reminscing to begin.

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