Monday, March 18, 2013

Instead of expressing love for a character, one student has a score to settle

To celebrate March is Reading Month, I always have my students do different activities to remind them of some of their favorite books. I personally think every month should be reading month, but if we're going to set aside just one month, then let's focus on what we love about reading, right?

I'm having my 8th graders write letters to their favorite book characters and then they will put them on their lockers, but one of my students decided she had a score to settle with a particular character and instead chose to vent her frustration.

I was so entertained by her letter that I asked if it would be okay with her if I shared it here. She agreed.

BTW... if you haven't read this book, there are major spoilers in this letter so go read This is Not My Hat before reading her letter.

Dear Big Fish from This is Not My Hat,

You are a mean-spirited and evil fish! The little fish did you a favor buddy. The hat you were wearing was way too small for you. How could you be so mean to Little Fish after you saw how cute he swam? He was adorable and you, I can't even talk to you right now...

You ate Little Fish! Have you no soul man! All Little Fish wanted to do was to look snazzy with a hat (that fit properly). Yes, I'll admit it was wrong of Little Fish to steal it, but it was worse of you to eat him! Now Big Fish, you sit down and think about what you have done.

Please don't get me started about that crab...

- Zoe E.


  1. Awesome! I especially love
    He was adorable and you, I can't even talk to you right now...

    This past weekend, my sisters (one's a teacher) were over and we three had the best time reading this year's thank-you cards and books (driving penguins, ketchupped hot dogs, etc.) They did not believe me when I told them what grade you taught--they really have some major talent over there.

    1. I especially loved the letter from the 3rd grader who drew the buffalo and wrote "Can I go to first grade?" :)

  2. Ha!! Thanks for sharing this :)

    I love the wicked humor in this book.

  3. I love it! And I'm stilling this idea for a library activity. Thanks for sharing.