Saturday, September 3, 2011

I am an awesome wife

So my husband has been in Germany for the past month for work and is on a flight home right now. I missed his birthday while he was across the pond so I plan to give him his present as soon as he gets home. Would you like to see what awesome present I got for him?

Oh, only tickets to the most highly anticipated college football game of the regular season:
I'm not sure there's a bigger rivalry than Michigan vs. Ohio State. If you think there is, then by all means, make your case, but given the fact that it often ends up #1 on college football rivalry lists and even sports rivalry lists in general, for now I'm sticking to my guns that this is always THE game of the year. Of course, it's always amped up in our family because both my husband and I have family in and from Ohio. Our conversations around this time of year can get a bit spirited to say the least. And since both teams have new head coaches this year, it should hopefully be a good game, unlike the disasters U of M fans have had to watch the past few seasons.



  1. That is an awesome surprise! I've been trying to get my husband tickets to the Red River game(OU vs. Texas also a great rivalry game) every year for the past 3 yrs, and still haven't managed it.

  2. Melissa, I lucked out because I have a friend at work who gets season tickets every year and the people who sit next to them sell off their season so I called dibs on the Ohio State game.