Friday, September 24, 2010

Days When I Love Being a Teacher...

Yesterday the entire junior high was put into mixed groups to do some team building activities that involved doing an art project and making up a dance. When we were doing the art portion of the project, we all went up to my classroom and worked on it at my big round table.

One of the 7th graders, who was a student of mine last year, looked over at my word wall that I have divided into nouns, verbs, and adjectives that students share with they class when they come across cool words from their own independent reading. This was the conversation that was inspired by what she saw:

7th grader: Oh, you put kerfuffle on the wall?
Mrs. S: Of course, that was one of my favorite words I shared with you guys last year.
7th grader: What about agog? You really liked that one too.
Mrs. S: Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. I do really like that word.
7th grader: Remember that word humdrum that I put on the wall last year? Well you know those vocabulary workbooks we have in 7th grade? Well humdrum was one of our words last week and when I saw it I started freaking out and was like, "Oh my gosh! That was my word last year!"
6th grader enters conversation: Mrs. S, we were all using kerfuffle at lunch the other day.

It's conversations like these - something so simple as a 7th grader remembering (and getting excited about!) words we shared on a wall - that just make me sigh in contentment and remind me on discouraging days that I'm doing something right.

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