Thursday, September 23, 2010

Author Visit: Michael Zadoorian

I was very excited to attend my very first book signing last night at my town's public library. Michigan author Michael Zadoorian came to talk about his latest book, The Leisure Seeker. He was wonderfully engaging, humble, and even downright hilarious. Some writers are very intense about their craft, but Zadoorian treats everything with a light, humorous touch. I can't wait to read more of his books!

Reading from The Leisure Seeker

I get some face time with the gracious author

My well-worn, post-it flagged copy of The Leisure Seeker

Love the Route 66 sketch! (You can really see the post-it flags here. My book club is meeting this Saturday and this is the book we're talking about so I've got tons of passages flagged to discuss!)

After I returned from the event last night, I contacted Zadoorian and asked if he'd be willing to do an interview here on my blog. Being the ever gracious author that he is, he agreed. So be on the lookout for his interview coming soon!

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  1. Yay for Michigan authors and book signings in Michigan! Though the Leisure Seeker is adult fiction, I have heard of it because of some teachers. :) Not many authors come here, which is sad, but apparently Scott Westerfeld is coming next month. I'm so excited for that! :D