Friday, February 7, 2014

Potato and Chorizo Tacos: a quick, easy weeknight meal

Earlier this week I was perusing my Pinterest boards for some dinner inspiration when I came across this recipe for potato and chorizo tacos.

With very few ingredients, this dish is big on flavor and texture. I will definitely be making it again.

Here's how I prepared it:

Potato and Chorizo Tacos
Adapted from Project Foodie
Serves 4-6

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 pound yukon gold potatoes (the original recipe says to peel the potatoes, but I'm lazy and don't like to peel potatoes, so I didn't)
  • 1 pound bulk Mexican chorizo (or casings removed)
  • 1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
  • 1/2 cup queso fresco
  • 1/2 cup guacamole (I used already prepared guacamole from Whole Foods)
  • Corn tortillas

Cut potatoes into 1/2 inch dice and boil until tender, about 5 minutes. Drain.

In a saute or cast iron  pan, heat olive oil and then add chorizo. Once chorizo is mostly cooked, add potatoes and let flavors meld. Once chorizo and potatoes are crispy, serve on softened corn tortillas and top with cilantro, queso fresco and guacamole.


  1. Definitely quick for a weekday dinner. And the chorizo, cheese, and guac give it big flavor and a variety of textures.

  2. I will be pinning this one; thanks for sharing.

  3. Ok, I'm now thinking tacos for dinner.... Cheers

  4. YUM! This recipe has 3 of my favorite things - chorizo, guac, and cilantro! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So simple, but I'm sure the spices in the chorizo make it yummy.

  6. Great flavor combinations. Looks like a winner!

    Joy's Book Blog

  7. I love tacos, but have never tried them with chorizo. I'll be giving this recipe a try!

  8. Is Queso Fresco like a salsa or something? I've never heard of it! I do like tortilla meals though and I might try this one, thanks for sharing

  9. Yum! I make something in a tortilla at least once a week. Need to put this on my list.

  10. Funny! we are having tacos tonight. i have lots of avocados that need using up so it seemed like a good idea