Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Monday! What are you reading? 5-27-13

Originally hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, Jen and Kellee  over at Teach Mentor Texts also host a kidlit version of It's Monday! What are You Reading?

Last week I wasn't very successful in the finishing of books department. I finished:

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
I really enjoyed Eleanor and Park but I think what's preventing me from loving it is that the last third of the book was not what I was expecting and that kind of skewed my feelings a bit. Still, I loved both Eleanor and Park as characters and I loved them together as a couple. I just wasn't expecting it to be so sad. At the same time, it's also "real life." People who complain that books and movies end too perfectly can't say that about this book, so in a way, I kind of like that about it too.

Monsieur Marceau: Actor Without Words by Leda Schubert, illustrated by Gerard DuBois
Interesting bio on the most famous mime, Marcel Marceau. I had heard his name before and knew that he was a mime, but I didn't know much else. I found his background about his life during World War II quite fascinating.

Currently reading:

A Curious Man: The Strange and Brilliant Life of Robert "Believe It Or Not" Ripley by Neal Thompson 
Most of the biographies I read are picture books so this is a rather slow change of pace for me. I'm only on page 44 at the moment but so far it's an interesting book.  

Currently listening:

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers 
I don't know. This is a little too high fantasy for me. The only reason I'm still listening is because I find the narrator's voice pleasant to listen to. I might end up abandoning it.

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  1. I thought Grave Mercy was interesting when I read it but, then, I like high fantasy. Your biographies sound interesting as well even though I seldom read nonfiction. Come see my Monday Report. Happy reading!

  2. Uhoh - I plan on reading Grave Mercy soon. I'm a big fan of high fantasy though, so hopefully I'll like it.

  3. I hear you on the "read less than planned" week! Eleanor and Park finally came in and is waiting for me at the library . . . I'm looking forward to it, though a couple books are ahead of it. That Marcel Marceau biography sounds interesting!

  4. Eleanor & Park is sitting in my pile right now.... I've got to move it up! Grave Mercy.... I do like fantasy quite a bit, but this book did not work for me. The Booksmugglers had a really good review that captured my thoughts about it as well. I also listened to it on audio and I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't abandon is because it was narrated so well! I've been trying to do #bookaday since my semester ended, and all I can say is: hooray for picture books! I've been struggling to finish stuff too. Happy reading this week!

  5. Eleanor and Park looks intriguing. I enjoyed learning about Marcel Marceau through Monsieur Marceau. Your current read looks interesting also.

  6. I like Grave Mercy, but I'm judging the book by its cover. Happy Memorial Day!

  7. Grave Mercy looks so intriguing - all wispy skirts and stormy weather - I have thought about requesting it at the library to read in the summer . . . but maybe I will wait to see if you keep with it . . .

  8. I have Eleanor and Park, and look forward to it, but understand it could be such an ending. The Marceau book looks good. I'm not sure I'll ever be into Grave Mercy. Thanks for such good reviews!

  9. Oooh, I really want to read Eleanor and Park. When John Green raves about a book...sold! Also, Grave Mercy looks so good! Enjoy.
    My Monday post!:)

  10. I want to read Grave Mercy. I'm currently reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer and Anna Karenina by Tolstoy.