Friday, November 30, 2012

Good times at Carrie Harris's Bad Hair Day launch party

Carrie reads from Bad Hair Day
On Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Carrie Harris's second book, Bad Hair Day, which is the sequel to Bad Taste in Boys (read my review of Bad Hair Day and Bad Taste in Boys) at my favorite indie bookstore in Ann Arbor, Nicola's Books.

Carrie is so personable and funny, and if you've read her books, you immediately realize that hanging out with her in person is like hanging out in one of her books (but without the zombies and werewolves). And because she is so awesome, she's even visited my classroom twice, the most recent time being a month ago.

Since she recently visited my classroom, I had a rather large pile of books for her to sign for my students. For that reason, I made sure to hang out at the back of the signing line so I didn't have to listen to grumbling fans complain about me holding up the line. :) I didn't mind waiting until the end though. That just meant I had more time to hang out with and talk to awesome bookish people. I was able to talk to Aimee Carter (author of The Goddess Test), Courtney Allison Moulton (author of Angelfire), and Laura Zielin (author of The Waiting Sky). What's better than getting to rub elbows with YA authors for the evening? :)

I do particularly love how Carrie signed the copy of Bad Hair Day I purchased for my class:

If you want to know the inside story behind this inscription's epicness, read the following posts:
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Overall, this launch party was full of fun and laughs, but I would expect nothing less from Carrie. :)

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