Friday, November 12, 2010

Thinking About Christmas Cards

I had a dream last night that my husband and I were in Moscow, admiring the wonder and beauty of Red Square. We snapped a self-portrait of ourselves in front of the awe-inspiring St. Basil's cathedral I turned to him and said, "This is going to look awesome on our Christmas cards this year. We'll title it 'From Russia with love.'"

So I was actually bummed when I woke up this morning and realized I won't have that cool picture to put on our Christmas card this year.

At least Shutterfly is willing to hook us all up this year with awesome holiday card designs on the off chance that none of us have that awesome bucket list photo that will make us the envy of our friends and family. This way at least, you'll be the envy of everyone with the best looking design, even if the picture itself won't turn them green.

Shutterfly is one of my favorite websites for ordering photo cards or photo gifts of any kind. Their designs are sleek and classy and often go beyond just the basic 4x8 photo card that you can get at the one-hour photo kiosk at the drug store.

Choosing the card I want to use this year has taken me many hours of perusing the Shutterfly website. I'm still not sure which one I will use in the end, but so far I'm leaning toward this one:

The final decision, however, has yet to be made.

Interested in using Shutterfly for your holiday cards this year? Get 50 free cards by mentioning them in your blog.

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