Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finn by Jon Clinch

I'm so confused and torn regarding my reaction to this book. Without giving anything away, Clinch turns some thoughts and traditions about Twain's beloved Huck Finn on its knees in his debut novel. While the writing and storyline was hauntingly beautiful, I still can't get passed the liberties the author took with, not changing the story per se, but rather changing our perceptions about who Huck and Pap Finn were. At the same time, I don't think Mark Twain fans will be completely enraged either. Clinch handles Twain's story with the dignity and tenderness it deserves, while still making you question your memory in asking yourself, "Was this a nuance of the original story that I completely missed?" or "Did I sleep through class the day they discussed this particular issue?"

It's an engaging, thought-provoking read. I highly recommend you re-read Huck Finn before this book if you've been many years removed from your last reading.

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