Monday, January 11, 2010

Other Blog Mentions

I've recently been following along with the blog Lavender and Limes. I found it by perusing through other people's blogrolls and was fascinated with all of the pictures from India. I have always been fascinated by India. One of these days I would love to go there to see the Taj Mahal and the opulent palaces of Rajasthan.

Right now Christine, the blog's creator, has an amazing giveaway going on that I thought I'd share because it's so great it bears mentioning and, well, if you link it to your blog, you get two entries instead of one. (*grins*)


John Green is one of my favorite YA authors. Not so much because I think his books are brilliant (though I did absolutely adore Paper Towns) but because he and his brother Hank completely entertain me every week with their "Nerdfighter" videos they post on YouTube.

If one brother does not abide by the rules they have created for each other, the other gets to punish the rule-breaker, which is always videotaped for posterity.

Last week Hank broke one of the vlogging rules and was made to spend 15 hours in a Target for his punishment. I laughed the entire time:

If you're a fan of YA lit and you haven't checked out their vlog, you must.

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