Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Audiobook Week: Reviews

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Today's Topic: How to write an audiobook review

Hmmm.. This is a tough one. I don't always mention that it was an audiobook in my review, only if I abandoned it because the narrator was so terrible, or the audio presentation was so top-notch, I have to give props to the narrator(s) and producer(s). For me, the only time I think it's really worth reviewing an audiobook as a separate entity is when it's so far below par (a la Percy Jackson) or is so masterfully done that it makes the book an even more enjoyable experience than actually reading it (a la Book of a Thousand Days, or Thirteen Reasons Why).


  1. Interesting. What about just the fact of reminding people that the story is available in audio.

  2. Thirteen reasons why was absolutely amazing on audio. I can understand that you don't always want to evaluate the production or maybe you just don't have much to say -- I agree with Jen, you could just say it's available on audio, read by so and so.